Vehicle Inspections


W.O.F inspection carried out to NZTA standards. Our team performs regular car check-up to ensure that your vehicle meets the stated safety standards. We check your car’s lights, brake operation, its structural condition, windows, windscreen washers and wipers and more to help keep your car in a warrantable condition all the time.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

For those who would like to buy a used car in Auckland but don’t know where to start, Mairangi Automotive is the perfect solution to your problem. We understand how important it is to buy a car that is guaranteed safe to use and of excellent quality. We provide you with a detailed auto inspection report that includes a section-by-section summary regarding the vehicle that you would like to purchase.

What We Do

Exterior Inspection

  • Current and Previous paint work
  • Previous body repair
  • Scratches, Dings, and Dents on panels
  • Body Panel Alignment
  • Tires Condition and Tread Depth
  • Scratches and Cracks on Windshield and/or Windows
  • Mirrors and Wiper Blades Condition

Test Drive

Smart Auto Check will test drive the vehicle – Check the vehicle in motion, Transmission/ Clutch, Steering and Handling, Breaks, Acceleration, Engine Noise, Odometer and Excessive Exhaust Smoke.

Interior Inspection

  • On Board Computerized Diagnostics
  • Upholstery and carpet condition including tears, stains, burns, and excessive wear
  • Functionality of electrical components such as sound system, power options, interior lights, headlights, reverse   lights, etc.
  • Functionality of standard features such as side mirrors, emergency brake, cigarette lighter, remote trunk lid, remote fuel cover
  • Dashboard features-  check engine and dashboard lights
  • Evidence of smoke or pungent odors
  • Testing Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Vehicle Identification Number Verification

Under Hood

  • Fluid leaks
  • Hood Alignment and Strut Functionality
  • Battery Corrosion and Lockdown
  • Motor oil level & condition
  • Power Steering level
  • Brake Fluid level
  • Unusual engine or transmission noise
  • Hoses and belts condition
  • Previous collision damage in the radiator core support area

When planning to purchase a used car, it is worthwhile for both sides to get the vehicle inspected.