Heating & Air Conditioning

A/C Compressor Check

The AC compressor is considered the heart of the air conditioning system, since it pumps compressed refrigerant throughout the system. And it plays a critical role in the complex process, that makes sure that your car stays cool when you want it to.

Turning on your AC on a regular basis can help keep parts lubricated and running smoothly. But, if it takes too long to cool down the cabin, an inspection may be necessary. Ask your service advisor to have your AC compressor checked when there is a significant change in the quality of air, or there’s just no cold air coming out of the vents.

Air Filter: (Air Intake Cleaning & Filter Changing)

The air filter is an important part of the vehicle’s intake system. It allows the engine to breathe without the threat of contamination. An engine needs a precise mixture of fuel and air in order to run efficiently air enters the system through the air filter, which catches the dirt and other foreign particles, preventing them from entering the system and possibly damaging your engine. Changing your filters on a regular basis can have a significant impact on the engine life and performance.

What We Do

A/C Repair

Unfortunately, there are times when vehicle air conditioners encounter problems and require repairs. We understand how bothersome AC repairs can be and our certified professionals are capable of resolving your repair needs quickly and efficiently.

AC Inspection and Diagnosis

This service takes approximately 30 minutes in order to perform a comprehensive visual inspection, then diagnostic testing to determine the specific problem with your air conditioning unit. Most issues can be resolved within 24 hours.

AC Recharge

Our AC recharge service includes extracting the old refrigerant then replacing it with new refrigerant to maximize cooling efficiency.

We recommend checking your filter every 12 months or 20000km