Fluids Check & Replacement

Engine Oil Change

Yes. Without oil, your vehicle won’t run. If you have old oil, full of gunk and sludge it can cause severe damage to your engine and lead to costly repairs. Getting your oil changed on a regular basis will save you money in the long run – and save your vehicle’s engine! Oil provides lubrication which prevents friction in the engine. Without this lubrication, parts will rub together causing damage to your vehicle’s internal parts.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission is what directs the power of your car’s engine to the wheels at the steady speed to provide the best balance of performance and fuel efficiency even under the most extreme load or temperature conditions. It’s made up of over 2,000 moving parts that need to be lubricated and cooled constantly. Having your transmission fluid serviced regularly can extend the life of your transmission and prevent a transmission rebuild or complete replacement which could cost $2500 or more.

What We Do

Fluids Check

We do the inspection to ensure that all of your fluids are topped off, and to make sure that there are no other maintenance issues that need to be addressed. We check Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid, Front Differential Fluid, Rear Differential Fluid, Transfer Case Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid, Engine Coolant.

Fluids Replacement

One of the most inexpensive and essential maintenance services you can have performed on your vehicle is fluids change. Getting your fluids changed at regular intervals can extend the life of your vehicle. Timely fluid changes will greatly reduce the chances of having troubles in the future.

Schedule your fluids check or change with us.